Brushing teeth with a gyroscope - Omron HT-B551 toothbrush

    Few people like visits to the dentist, and I am no exception. It takes time, and nerves, and money. A year ago, once again leaving a few salaries with the doctor, I decided that it was better to prevent the disease, and not to eliminate its consequences. The most likely candidate for optimization was a toothbrush. The dentist said that my cleaning is not good enough.

    Having scanned dozens of reviews, I found an article on gizmodo about the brush of the Japanese company Omron - Mediclean HT-B551 . This determined my choice - I certainly wanted a device with a gyroscope.

    Prerequisites for selection

    Before that, the evolution of my toothbrushes was as follows: the usual mechanical assortments, the electric Oral-B Vitality and the sound Supercare .

    There is nothing special to say about ordinary mechanical brushes - they were dull, I never had the patience and dexterity to use them qualitatively.

    The electric brush against their background was just a gift: lead slowly through the teeth - she will do the rest herself. A big plus - she fully cleaned and distant molars and nooks, in which the mechanical brush had nowhere to turn around. However, there was a minus: the movements of the brush were strong enough and unregulated, which led to damage to the gums.

    The next purchase was a sound Supercare - a noun from China, which was quite good compared to previous copies - soft bristles gently brushed teeth without injuring the gums. But here there was a minus - because of this very softness, the teeth were not well cleaned, for which the dentist condemned me.

    I came to the choice of the next toothbrush with a clear list of requirements:
    • it must be electric (in order to clean the most inaccessible places);
    • there should be a timer (in order to clean according to the recommendations of dentists, and not according to internal sensations);
    • the brush should be sound (the longitudinal movements of the rectangular head injure the gums less and are better cleaned in comparison with the rotational movements of the round);
    • it should be possible to adjust the intensity of movements (in order to gently clean the spaces around the gums).

    Many bidders met these criteria. But only Omron Mediclean was equipped with a gyroscope that allowed the brush to automatically switch between cleaning modes. Which determined my choice.


    Unfortunately, sometimes what you like is not sold in the nearest store. A toothbrush was no exception. It was bought at , and then sent by email forwarder via EMS to Vladivostok.
    The device cost 8,062 yen (3,340 rubles at the then exchange rate), the commission of the intermediary and shipping costs cost about 600-800 rubles. (It’s hard to say more precisely, since the brush of the mail forwarder was consolidated with other things).

    System of automatic switching of operating modes

    The first attempt to use left a mixed impression. To understand why, I will first tell you more about the main feature - about automation. The brush has three cleaning modes: weak (horizontal movements of the bristles about 20,000 times per minute), medium (vertical movements about 27,000 times per minute) and strong (vertical movements about 32,500 times per minute). Each of these modes can be forcedly changed by pressing a button on the brush body.

    When the automatic change of modes is turned on, the gyroscope determines the position of the brush in space.

    If the brush is located horizontally with the bristles to the side, then it is assumed that there is a cleaning of the lateral surface of the teeth and gums - in this case, the weak mode is activated. The bristles, humming softly, gently massage the gums and gently clean the bottom of the teeth.

    If the brush is tilted by 45 degrees, then it is assumed that there is a cleaning of the cutting edge of the tooth. In this case, the middle mode is switched on, the brush intensively cleans the protruding parts of the teeth.

    If the brush is tilted horizontally with the bristles down, it means that there is a cleaning of the horizontal surfaces of the teeth, or of some inaccessible spaces. This is the most intense program when the brush buzzes louder and violently rubs the bristles.

    It would seem that everything is simple and logical. But it was not in vain that the user manual attached to the brush had a clear image of a person standing very straight and a crossed out image of a stooped man. I, as I usually bent three deaths over the sink, tilted the brush correctly relative to the teeth, but incorrectly relative to the horizon. As a result, automation completely switched illogically, either abruptly starting to clean the gums, or barely moving over distant teeth. It took several days to develop the habit of standing upright like a tin soldier. The motive was not bad - at those moments when I managed to catch the balance, my teeth brushed perfectly.

    About a week later I could already boast of smooth, clean teeth. Cleaning became a pleasant and lazy procedure - which was what I needed.

    Other features


    The timer disappointed me - I expected it to be built into the brush, and somehow signal me about the time during the cleaning process. In fact, a timer is the bezel around a charge.

    At a minimum, this means that when cleaning for charging, you need to constantly look in order not to oversleep the moment. I do not have a power outlet in the bathroom, charging is in the room, and the timer is therefore inaccessible to me.


    Induction. On the range of 110-240V. I have it stuck in a transformer to the refrigerator, but if you have an adapter, you can use a regular 220V outlet.

    A pen

    Very comfortable, ergonomically curved. In the hand lies firmly and lightly. Perhaps for someone this will not be an important factor, but there is a pleasant plus: dirt does not eat into the plastic of the brush. Now, after so many months of use, the plastic has remained primordially light, there are no vile gray streaks of indelible dirt. The device looks like just out of the package.


    Now, after a year, my teeth are cleaned gently and efficiently daily. Both I and my dentist are happy with the result. If I come to change the brush, it’s only because of the timer - I don’t have enough for a feeling of complete perfection and harmony.

    upd: The
    brush is not ultrasonic, but sonic. Thanks to iDreadful for clarifying!

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