Print popcorn, it's time for a movie

    Veeam ONE offers the most significant capabilities for virtual environment administrators to report and monitor both virtual infrastructure and backup infrastructure.

    When Veeam ONE version 6.5 was released last month, it contained a lot of innovations and improvements. Of the most notable, we added the capabilities of advanced monitoring, reporting, and prognostic planning of resource use for the backup infrastructure. Today we want to talk about one interesting report, which, perhaps, is not immediately noticeable in the product - the Infrastructure Growth report , which we “hid” in the Offline report pack. Designed for Adobe Flash, this report is like a movie about your virtual environment, where you can watch events such as clustering, adding hosts, and moving or deleting virtual machines.

    Your virtual environment is dynamic. New virtual machines (VMs) are created temporarily, others are launched into the working environment on an ongoing basis. Servers are replaced, new equipment is added, forcing you to constantly monitor changes and periodically rebalance your virtual environment.

    How wonderful would it be if you had an easy way to generate an image of your changing virtual environment? You could see which VMs are installed among your hosts and check the growth of different clusters.

    With the Infrastructure Growth report for Veeam ONE, you get the opportunity to do so. Designed for Adobe Flash, this report allows you to see what is happening in your environment, for example, adding, moving, or deleting clusters, hosts, or VMs. This report even allows you to filter out VMs that are not running, so the image you see accurately displays what is actually happening in your virtual environment.

    Just pick a point in time, sit back and watch. Maybe you would like to return to some point in time, for example, to the time of the host failure and see what happened to the VM after they were moved to other hosts or even reinstalled on new equipment. And how wonderful it would be to show the management how you escaped the catastrophe and finally solved the problem.

    Example report that we created in one of our R&D laboratories:

    True, a report similar to this one is not very interesting when you first install Veeam ONE, because by that time data on your infrastructure is just beginning to be collected, and the report needs data in a historical retrospective. However, after about a month, “cinema” becomes more substantial! .. And, as a bonus to our regular customers: despite the fact that this report is new and appeared in only 6.5, we started collecting data for it in the product database from the time of Veeam ONE 6.0, (its release took place in April this year). Thus, if you are one of our many clients who have already installed 6.0, you can already see the “blockbuster” about your infrastructure.

    Infrastructure Growth report is available in both editions of Veeam ONE - paid and free.

    If you haven’t had time to try Veeam ONE yet, you can watch the 30-day trial version , or the free version of the product (with some functional limitations).

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