Qt 5.0.0 is out!

    They still managed!
    Just less than an hour ago, the new owner of Qt Framework - Digia, announced the release of the long-awaited release of Qt 5.0

    Qt 5.0

    Qt 5.0 is a global update from the Qt 4.x series, which has been developed since 2005. It took a lot of time and effort to adapt Qt for the future.

    Qt 5.0 is distributed as a complete binary assembly SDK for Linux (64 and 32 bit), Mac OS X (10.7 and 10.8) and Windows.
    And also includes IDE Qt Creator 2.6 , examples, and full documentation.

    The video below should give a good first idea of ​​the new features and features of Qt 5.0.

    This video was made by capturing a real program entirely written in Qt 5 using Qt Quick, OpenGL, and WebKit.


    Qt 5 is the successor to Qt 4, and everything possible has been done to maintain compatibility with Qt 4.x as much as possible.

    Many things were fixed in the internal architecture, and Qt 5 turned out to be more modular, compact and faster, but the compatibility was preserved so that most applications could be converted to Qt 5 with just a few changes and recompilation of code. This, of course, means that Qt Widgets are fully supported and are an integral part of Qt 5. Qt Creator, which is the largest application developed as part of the Qt Project, is a great example. A few weeks ago, Qt Creator 2.6 was released, built with Qt 4.8. The Qt 5 SDK contains the same Qt Creator 2.6, but compiled with Qt 5.

    What's next

    There are several things that Qt 5.0.x will continue to work on: there are several bugs that need to be fixed; there are also no binary assemblies for MinGW and MSVC 2012 compilers yet.
    It is planned to release the first patch release Qt 5.0.1 at the end of January.

    The team aims to release version 5.1 in late spring 2013, which will be aimed at improving the stability and refinement of modules such as Qt 3D and Qt Sensors. There is also hope for a Tech Preview version of Qt for Android and iOS at the same time.


    427 people worked on Qt 5. Thank you so much.

    These people are:
    Qt 5
    Qt 5
    Qt 5
    Qt 5

    Hooray! Comrades!

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