New Windows Server 2012 Courses in the MVA Portal

    Over the past few weeks, the Microsoft Virtual Academy portal has replenished with several new free courses on Windows Server 2012 . These courses cover in more detail a number of issues raised in the technical overview of the operating system.

    Windows Server 2012: Server Virtualization

    • Hyper-V scalability, including a detailed discussion of hypervisor settings on NUMA systems.
    • All aspects of dynamic migration (Live Migration), including Storage Migration, migration + SMB, migration security settings.
    • Features of importing virtual machines (VMs).

    Windows Server 2012: Network Infrastructure

    • Expanding the capabilities of some network components and services, namely: DHCP Failover, NIC Teaming, Quality of Service (QoS).
    • Architecture, deployment, and operation of IP Address Management (IPAM).
    • Perhaps the first more or less detailed description of Network Virtualization technology.

    Windows Server 2012: Storage

    • Manage disk resources with Storage Spaces.
    • Using SMB for Hyper-V and SQL Server.
    • All about Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) v2, from architecture to customization and application scenarios.
    • Changes to file systems. What's new in NTFS, what is ReFS in general, features of using deduplication.

    Windows Server 2012: manageability and automation

    • Overview of Windows Management Framework 3.0 (WMF) and the standards used in the framework. WMF for management: WS-Management, SMI-S, OData, REST, etc.
    • Use Server Manager to manage multiple servers.

    Until the new year, it is planned to publish several more courses, if something does not violate our plans ... :)

    Thank you!

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