Review of salaries of "Testers"

    We, and we are the IT-Dominant recruiting company , have long promised to devote one of our posts to the Survey of Salaries of Testing Engineers, which are popularly called "testers." And I remind you that in our last publications we talked about the salaries of System Administrators (Windows & * nix) , Java / C ++ / C # / Delphi Programmers and WEB Programmers .

    So, in this Review we will highlight salaries in the following positions:
    • Junior tester (manual and / or automated)
    • Test Engineer (Manual)
    • Lead Test Engineer (Manual)
    • Testing Engineer (Automated)
    • Lead Test Engineer (Automated)
    • Test Team Leader (manual and / or automated)

    Study Parameters

    Objects of study: vacancies;
    Cities under study: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod.
    Sources: , , , , , rabota66 (only for Yekaterinburg), Rabota NGS (only for Novosibirsk), The
    number of processed vacancies is indicated on the plate.
    Study period: from 01.06.2012 to 08.30.2012

    Research Methodology

    We collect data on salaries indicated in vacancies / resumes on the main Job portals and then lay them out in our job directory in accordance with the name of the vacancy / resume. If the name of the vacancy / resume is too general or inaccurate (for example, “Tester” or “Test Engineer”), then having studied the description of the vacancy / resume, we select it for a specific position based on expert evaluation. In this post we use only data obtained from vacancies .


    10 percentile - statistical minimum
    Median (50 percentile) - average market salary
    90 percentile - statistical maximum

    Nth (10th, 50th, 90th) percentile - a value per 1 / n of the distance from the beginning of the ordered variation series . That is, the nth percentile shows that n% of the values ​​of the ranked series have values ​​lower than the nth percentile, and (100-n)% are large.

    Junior tester (manual and / or automated)

    Such a small number of vacancies of Junior testers, and in the regions they are almost completely absent (less than 4x), we explain by the fact that most often with low entry requirements, employers very quickly find such specialists for themselves. On the other hand, for young professionals this kind of vacancy is quite interesting.

    Test Engineer (Manual)

    A testing engineer is capable of independently writing test cases and test plans, usually testing with a “black box”.

    Lead Test Engineer (Manual)

    Similar to Test Engineer plus more experience. Perhaps the ability to read code is testing the “white box”.

    Testing Engineer (Automated)

    They use ready-made auto tests, they are able to adapt them. Fluent in one or more programming languages, scripting languages ​​are often used in work.

    Lead Test Engineer (Automated)

    They write auto tests themselves.

    Test Team Leader (manual and / or automated)

    To summarize

    Demand for Test Engineers is increasing every year. This is due to the fact that, firstly, the complexity of the software being developed, which simply needs to be tested, is growing, and secondly, the requirements on the part of users for the quality of the software being developed are increasing. If 5 years ago the profession of the Tester was a curiosity, today it is difficult to imagine a software company that does not have a testing department or at least a “mini-separator”.

    We invite IT companies to participate in our study:

    In addition to researching Internet data, once a year we conduct research based on data provided by IT companies . As part of this study, we study not only real wages in the labor market, but the components of the social package, various types of benefits and compensations, staff turnover, costs for different providers, interaction with universities and much more.

    Research plan, cost and format of participation:
    Moscow : questioning 01/09/2013 - 01/25/2013, issuing results 02/15/2013 more ...
    St. Petersburg : questioning 09/01/2013 - 01/25/2013, issuing results 02/15/2013 more .. .

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