Rostelecom launched a utility payment service on the portal

    On the portal open payment for utilities. More than 30 million Russians in 50 regions of Russia already have the opportunity in real time to find out their debt for public utilities and pay them online on the Public Services Portal. You can pay on the portal Single payment documents, electricity and gas. Until the end of next year, the utility payment service through the portal will work in all regions of the country. A settlement is considered to be connected to the service if 80% of its residents can pay 100% of utility bills through the portal.

    Payment for housing and communal services on the portal can be made both on invoices and on charges. The service also offers several payment methods. Any utility provider can connect to the service.

    Convenience and importance of the introduction of an electronic payment system for housing and communal services is hardly necessary to prove to those who read habrahabr, but here are a few figures.

    At the moment:

    • 1,000,000,000 paper receipts are printed and delivered annually in Russia
    • 4,000,000 trees are cut down each year in Russia to print paper receipts
    • 30,000,000,000 rubles are annual losses from delayed payments

    And not to mention personal convenience of citizens - no one wants to waste time in lines.

    The new service allows you to:

    1. Recognize your debts for utilities in real time
    2. Receive operational information about new bills in a virtual personal account
    3. Pay bills directly on the State Services Portal using a bank card
    4. Store information on paid bills in a virtual personal account

    In the near future, it is also planned to add the ability to pay by electronic money and from a mobile phone account.

    And here is the most interesting. In order to pay for utilities, it is not required to go through a standard registration. In order to make the housing services payment service more accessible, a simplified registration procedure has been developed on the Public Services Portal, for which only an email address is required. Now, during registration, you can select the following account options:


    As you probably noticed, having a simplified account, you can also make an appointment with a doctor. In the future, the list of services for users with a simplified account will grow.

    Today has registered more than 3.5 million personal accounts , the number of users is more than 15 million.
    By the end of 2012, about 80 thousand public services will be available in electronic form; by 2015, they should be fully converted to electronic form.

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