Mildura city police warn iOS6 users of danger

    Police in Mildura (Victoria, southeast Australia) have issued an official warning for drivers who use navigation charts on Apple iOS6 devices.

    Recently, several cases have been recorded when transit vehicles turn off the A20 highway before reaching the city and get lost in the national park. The investigation revealed that the reason is the Apple iOS6 mapping application, in which the city of Mildura is designated in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, about 70 km from its actual location.

    Police warn of extreme conditions in the park: there are no sources of drinking water, and the temperature in December-January can reach 46 ° C, which makes this place quite dangerous.

    Some of the motorists discovered by police patrols were without food and drinking water for up to 24 hours and walked many kilometers on foot in the heat to get to the nearest telephone.

    City police have already contacted Apple, hoping to fix maps to protect the lives of drivers who drive through the city.

    All drivers are advised to use other methods for navigation until the problem is resolved.

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