The future is near: Queen Elizabeth broadcasts in 3D

    Good Sunday evening! I came across a curious news published in The Sun : The
    Queen of Great Britain will turn to the nation in 3D! The volume format will be used for the first time to make a traditional Christmas message. A video of the 86-year-old queen was recorded last Friday.

    To assess the speed of inexorable progress, it is worth saying that the Queen made the first Christmas radio message in 1952, appeared on television in 1957, and in 2007 and 2009 the YouTube channel and Twitter account were launched, respectively.

    For contrast, I recommend watching the historical film King’s Speech., atmosphericly conveying both the life of monarchs and the changing realities of broadcast communication with citizens. Happy viewing!

    UPD (01/14/2013): Christmas has already passed, but I can’t find the link to 3D. As soon as I find, I will update the topic; if you can share the link - I will be grateful.

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