YouTube again offends Masyanya

    At the beginning of this year, Oleg Kuvaev could not post cartoons "Masyanya" on YouTube, because they allegedly violate someone else's copyright. In the end, Oleg still managed to prove his right. But now Masyanya again fell out of favor: one of the videos can be removed from the site. The YouTube automated system sent a message to the author about copyright infringement , since a fragment of his cartoon was recently shown on NTV.

    In his blog, Oleg Kuvaev explains why this happened.

    “I promised never to contact the Russian television in any way. And then he gave slack what is called. Relaxed abroad. Persuaded. A small interview for the program "Central Television" about the release of new cartoons and plus they are very ... well, they just really asked to show a fragment of the last cartoon "Nuclear explosion". Well, it seems like it’s only to my advantage, I allowed it. But never before has the connection with Russian TV ended well, you can’t hope so.

    Today, a funny letter comes to me from YouTube. The fact that my cartoon "Nuclear Explosion" VIOLATES NTV RIGHTS of the work "Issue of November 25"!

    Kick. This does not happen automatically. Usually, YouTube requires documented proof of rights in order to file a claim ... No words, just no words. YouTube, of course, didn’t encroach on my account, but instantly removed ads from commercials. That is, these beauties really deprive me of those small incomes that are dripping from the cartoons on YouTube ... so that I once again get at least close to Russian TV and, in general, Russian media! Kranta, I'm just in shock. ”

    Note that Oleg Kuvaev blames the incident, including NTV. For some reason, he thinks that the representatives of the TV channel filed a complaint against him. Although it is known that an automatic system is engaged in the search for violations on YouTube.

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