You have 1 new MMS. You have 90 rubles!


    Telecom operators seem to specifically try to scare away subscribers from using smartphones outside their home region, as well as push them to buy local SIM cards and use third-party services like Whatsapp or Viber. Most subscribers already know that roaming does not bode well in terms of communication costs, except in rare cases .

    Recently, Megafon recalled that in roaming even receiving (!) 1 MMS outside the home region can cost a subscriber from 3 to 90 rubles, depending on the country of residence. Be careful!

    Dear subscribers! MegaFon OJSC (Metropolitan Branch) informs that from 01.12.2012, when being outside the Moscow Region, the cost of received and transmitted MMS messages is summed up from the cost of an MMS message in accordance with the subscriber’s tariff plan and the fixed cost of Internet traffic excluding message size depending on the host country:
    • Russia, Tajikistan, South Ossetia - 3 rubles. ,
    • countries of the Eurotariff zones - 10 rubles ,
    • "CIS and the Middle East" - 20 rubles .,
    • other countries - 90 rubles .

    Prices are inclusive of VAT.

    source: Information message for subscribers of MegaFon OJSC

    photo: Mark Matcho

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