Windows Store numbers for the first month of Windows 8

    A month ago, on October 26, sales of Windows 8 started - and it was already officially announced that 40 million licenses of the new OS were sold in the first month.
    Also, this month the new Windows Store app store was actively gaining momentum - a single channel for delivering applications to tablets, laptops and desktops. It has been officially announced that a number of applications have already surpassed the $ 25,000 mark and began to receive 80% of user revenue.

    Naturally, the launch of the Windows Store did not go unnoticed by application analysts - and one of the leaders in this area, the company Distimo, published its report (based on its data) on the new store.

    Firstly, a month after the start of sales in the Store there are already 20,000 applications. This is the largest app store on Platform Launch of all time:

    Interestingly, this is more of the Mac App Store, which was launched about two years ago.
    The Windows Store is also ahead of the number of downloads of popular applications - some of them already have millions of users:

    As you know, the most popular segment of applications on all platforms are games. Their share usually reaches 50%. However, in the Windows Store this figure is 25% - Productivity applications are also very popular - obviously, due to the capabilities of Windows itself and the devices on it to create content:

    Finally, Windows 8 developers create a lot of local content and local applications. We see this well in Russia, when there are popular services for a region. Also, obviously, in Russia there are many applications that are popular in our country. Users obviously like this kind of targeting.

    The growth of the Windows Store is impressive - we are waiting for new bright applications from developers!

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