Windows 9 called "Windows Blue"? The first detailed assumptions about the successor to Windows 8


    While leading media began to report a decline in PC sales, lower sales of Windows 8 (than Windows 7 at the time of its launch), and "virtually absent" sales of tablets on Windows 8, rumors about the new version began to be discussed at major Western forums. Windows, allegedly called Windows Blue.

    New NPD Group report reports US Windows 8 weak sales

    In the article The Guardian «Windows 8 does not please buyers in the US," provides new data that for the first month after the launch of Windows 8, the decline in desktop sales was 24%, and 9% for notebooks. The corresponding NPD Group report came out a few days after a representative from ASUS said that “Demand for Windows 8 is not very large right now.”. The report also said that sales of tablets on Windows 8 are "practically absent", accounting for less than 1% in all distribution channels monitored by the NPD Group. Windows 8 laptops with touchscreen were more fortunate, their sales reached 6%. It is mentioned that in the same period of 2009, when Windows 7 turned one month old, 83% of computers were sold with the new OS, while in the case of Windows 8 only 58%.

    But that's not all. The most interesting fact in this article is a link to information among component manufacturers who say that Microsoft has cut the order of components for Surface RT by 50%.

    Rumors: Windows Blue is the future low-cost OS with an annual update cycle

    Major Western publications have published interesting rumors that Microsoft is hastily working to replace Windows 8. Let us quote the most interesting assumptions from them:

    ZDNet: Windows Next: Just call it 'Blue'?
    • Microsoft is already working on a successor to Windows 8;
    • There are already references to it as “Windows 9,” including recent ones from Microsoft Kitchen and Win8China (as claimed by WinUnleaked );
    • Nevertheless, it is unlikely to be called that way;
    • The new release will be called "Blue" - last week Win8China announced this - which may also be the internal code name.

    Phone Arena: Windows Blue to replace Windows 8 in just a few months? :
    • He suggests that the new version can replace Windows 8 in a few months, although he says that it's hard to believe;
    • Reports that Windows Blue will look similar to Windows 8 with minor interface changes;
    • Probably, the name of Windows 8 will be retained, but everything else (including pricing) will be changed;
    • He says that Microsoft wants Windows Blue to be on every computer, which means that it can even be donated in order to ensure that users upgrade;
    • It is assumed that from this point on, updates will be annual for both desktop and mobile devices;
    • Some sources report that the update will be released in mid-2013;
    • There is no information whether it will be necessary to upgrade only with Windows 8.

    The Verge: Windows Blue is Microsoft's future low-cost OS with yearly updates
    • Confirms that Microsoft wants Windows Blue to be the kind of OS that everyone would install;
    • He also says that the price will be low, and maybe even completely free;
    • After the release of Windows Blue, support for the new release will be added to the Windows SDK (and that Microsoft will stop accepting applications that were created specifically for Windows 8 in order to force developers to create applications for Blue);
    • Windows 8 apps can be run on Blue even though the SDK changes;
    • Upgrading to Windows Blue will require a licensed copy of Windows;
    • Embedded applications and the Windows Store will stop working if the copy on which they try to upgrade is pirated;
    • An annual update cycle will be introduced in order to increase the competitiveness of Windows compared to competing platforms from Apple and Google.

    None of the editions reports on the return of the Start button and Start menu, as well as the ability to turn off the Metro.

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