HotKeys by default in Sublime Text 2

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    Here a lot of things have already been written on the topic of Sublime Text 2. This is a really wonderful editor with very extensive features. But now I do not want to sing to him the next laudatory odes.

    Just in a fit of curiosity, I climbed to see what key combinations are there that could speed up work in this editor. And I was very surprised how much useful things turned out to be made to hotkeys by default, excluding all sorts of plugins and independent macros / snippets.

    For example, I was pleased that:

    alt + left or alt + right is a word move in camelCase;
    ctrl + m - deselects;
    ctrl + shift + l - splits selection into line-by-line multi-select;
    alt + shift + w - allows you to insert an html tag and immediately makes a multi select on its name to be able to change to another tag;
    ctrl + k, ctrl + c - vertically centers the line where the cursor is located;
    ctrl + k, ctrl + t - collapses all attributes of all html tags in the document;
    F9 - Sorts selected rows alphabetically.

    And there is still much to eat. Therefore, I decided to select all the existing combinations (at least those that the FindKeyConflicts plugin brought out), describe them and learn the necessary ones. And then I thought that it would be nice to transfer this file to the public. Since he originally described for himself - "do not scold the pianist, he plays as best he can." Better when you see the inaccuracy, report it in PM - I will correct and update the files.

    I tested all combinations on my Sublime Text 2 and, if something didn’t work, I still made these “non-working” combinations with notes. Please note that each has its own settings and plugins, and plugins can change the default hot keys to their own. But personally, this inspired me to redo the hot keys in the plugins so that they did not overlap with the basic ones (there are not many of them, of course).

    File in PDF format (zip archive, 71 Kb)

    File in MS Word format (zip archive, 25 Kb)

    UPD files not in archive:

    File in PDF format (76 Kb)

    File in MS Word format (209 Kb)

    UPD corrected some inaccuracies in descriptions and typos in files, files updated. Thanks FWhisper .

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