The idea of ​​the Tarantinki online game: user + ES vs user

    Based on the recently published habr question .

    My name is Denis, and I do not have competencies in the development and publication of online games. Honestly, I practically do not waste time on the games themselves. But the idea that I thought of a product with high potential does not leave me. Maybe I will seem stubborn to you, but I really think so, I feel it, and I believe in it.

    The idea of ​​my game, as it is now fashionable, easily fits in one phrase: User + ES vs User .
    ES in this case is an Expert System , similar to that used on Akinator .

    A game of the type of “20 questions”, “7 hats”, I don’t know what it is also called: when one user makes someone up , and the second owes this to someoneguess by asking exclusively closed questions (yes / no). After the correct answer is given, users switch roles. Alternatively, they conjecture at the same time and change roles in turn, with a time interval.

    The chip of my idea is that the Expert System (Akinator or the like) also plays on the side of a guessing user. Thus, giving the user the opportunity to ask questions not only and not so much with text (voice), but by choosing, for example, a ready-made question from the top 3 questions of Akinator.

    Here's what it might look like in a One-on-One game:
    The first user makes, say, a character, and writes his name, enter, into the form on the game page. For the second user, the game begins. There are two forms in front of him:

    First form: “Top-3 questions of the initiator”:
    - Do you know your character?
    - Your female character?
    - Does your character live in Russia?

    Each question is clickable (game progress). Next to the questions there is a button, a la one-armed bandit - you click on it, and the questions change to others. Well, if for example you don’t like the options that are. One click minus one unit of game currency, for example. Or you can hang some other functionality or interactive on this button. If you do not make it the main move button at all.

    The second form: Question / Answer history of the current game session + 3 (5) pieces expressed in percent suggested by Akinator, which can also be clicked like the previous “top 3 questions”. Plus there should be an opportunity to enter (speak) the question yourself. After clicking on the selected option, the move goes to the first user. Well, everything seems to be clear there. He answers - Yes or No.

    I repeat, I'm not at all a welder in game dev, but all sorts of viralities and player ratings come to mind: records, guessing time, minimum number of questions, etc. etc. Plus, I think I need an opportunity for players to evaluate the game that they just played and the opponent: choose stars there, likes, something else like that.

    I also really like the idea of ​​a group game. When one user makes a guess, and a group guesses, asking questions in turn. Or everyone plays the classic "tarantins" for a while. But it’s generally very cool to think of it, and I’m a complete layman in this. Regarding the options for monetization and my phrase about in-game currency - here, as you know, I don’t understand the subject either.

    The first thing I did after the idea arose was to describe it to the host of the Tarantines on Rain, Alex Dubas. Then, he briefly outlined his idea to the representatives of Akinator. No feedback has been received from them at the moment. After waiting a bit, I created a post-question with a description of the game and a request to evaluate the idea on the hub Then he opened the “company” section, blew off dust from old skype contacts and set up a spam channel with a description of his idea towards well-known and unknown game developers, publishers and all those who, in my humble opinion, could help. Therefore, if all of a sudden my spam inconvenience someone - I sincerely apologize; pursued other goals.

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