In Syria, turned off the Internet


    In the Syrian civil war, on Thursday morning, access to the Internet disappeared, writes Mashable. According to Renesys Internet monitoring service, none of Syrian 84 blocks of IP addresses are responding. In total, 92% of Syria's routed networks are disabled. The shutdown occurred at 10:26 UTC.

    The Akamai resource, which also monitors Internet traffic, has published this chart showing a sharp disappearance of traffic:


    Syria is now in the midst of a civil war: the opposition Syrian Free Army is fighting the long-term president Bashar al-Assad. The confrontation also occurred on the Internet: hackers from both sides attacked the enemy’s websites.

    As he writesThe Verge, the main provider in Syria is the state-owned company SyriaTel. The reason for the disconnection of the Internet is not called, but an activist named Abu Qais al-Shami told The Associated Press that in Damascus, the capital of the country, urban telephone and mobile communications are also not working.

    Disabling the Internet throughout the country was already practiced in Egypt at the height of the revolution in 2011. It became a harbinger of the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.

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