Overview of Hackberry - a single-board computer from Miniand

    Recently, I came to Hackberry, a single-board computer from the manufacturer of "whistles" MK802, MK803 - from Miniand.

    Details, pros and cons under the cut

    Delivery, delivery

    At the time when I ordered, only one EMS Express option was available (18 USD), the package arrived in 2.5 weeks.

    In the kit were:
    • Hackberry board
    • Power supply (5V 0.2A), can be powered by USB (cable not included)
    • Cotton green bag with android logo :)

    The device was tested before shipping and it already had Android ICS 4.0.
    Keyboard, mouse were picked up without any problems. I was very pleased with the presence of root, and the Play store.


    The device is built on the basis of a single-core SoC AllWinner A10 (Cortex A8), the processor frequency is 1.2 GHz. There is support for instructions (swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3), distributions compiled with Hard-Floating (armhf, for example Debian from version 7),
    RAM: two models with 512MB and 1GB DDR3 Hynix memory, 834MB available.
    ROM: 4GB NAND (1.5GB available) Video accelerator
    : Mali 400.

    Cost: 65 USD for a model with 512MB of memory, 70 with 1GB.

    Also present:
    • 2xUSB 2.0 ports, also on the board there is one non-soldered port.
    • 4 pin TTL 3.3v
    • HDMI audio, composite and component outputs
    • 10/100 Ethernet and IEEE 802.11n based on a Realtek chip soldered to the USB bus.
    • SDHC card reader (up to 32GB)


    • Fast processor
    • 1GB of memory
    • Ethernet


    • Most likely, HDMI - DVI adapters will not work (support for YUV420 monitor is required)
    • Price

    Community Developed Distributions

    Installation is simple, just write the image to the SD card.

    There is another option, to get a complete environment - use sshd, debootstrap and chroot :) dmesg

    exhaust All useful information can be found on the forum . Product page here . Kernel and driver development is on github . There you can find all the necessary tools.

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