I don't want to be part of your (damn) ecosystem

Original author: Terence Eden
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I chatted with a friend and he expressed what I think is a common opinion.

Well, yes, I would like to switch to Android - but all my content is in iTunes.

And I realized that the problem is actually not in the applications - to buy them again would be unpleasant, but most of them are free. The main difficulty is in media content, which makes people stay with services with which they no longer want to stay.

Music, movies, TV shows, and podcast subscriptions. Everything is tied to the small ecosystem of Apple. A very beautiful little eyelet to keep people attached to their iron.

Imagine only for a moment that a Sony DVD player would only play Sony Movies movies. And if you decided to buy a new player from Samsung, then none of the films would be shown on the new device, at least without serious fraud.

This is the "fenced garden", in which many companies are trying to drag us at the moment. And I think this is idiocy.

In Britain’s mobile network, you can use any phone you want. Iron and service are completely separate. This contributes to the development of competition, as users know that if they don’t like HTC, they can turn to Nokia and everything will continue to work as before.

But if all the contacts, entertainment services and backups are tied to HTC - well, then consider that you are just damn unlucky if you want to move.

I want to see here a complete separation of church and state. Iron must be separated from the software. Software should be separated from services.

I want to watch Nokia movies on my Samsung device that runs on Google Android, and then back them up to DropBox.

Here's how it works - more or less - on personal computers. And I do not understand why this does not work for tablets and smartphones? Why should I buy a tablet that works with the content of only one provider? Whether it’s Amazon, Microsoft or Apple, this creates an unpleasant monopoly that raises prices and reduces quality.

I know, I know. Mantra "it just works." But I'm a little tired of having to set up the tablet to work with NAS, and then set up the TV to work with both. This situation is associated not only with the fact that all my equipment is from different manufacturers - this is mainly due to the fact that manufacturers do not implement open standards.

I am afraid of what will happen when the provider closes its services. I joked that Apple would go bankrupt - but even if they stay afloat, what would stop them from deleting all the music and movies you bought? In the end, they closed the Mobile Me service with almost no warning and deleted all the data of paid users who were posted there.

Adobe nailed its DRM server, notifying everyone in 9 months - blocking access to all of the books they bought. Amazon cleans the Kindles. Google took Google Video to the forest and shot it - along with Buzz, Wave and the hell knows how many products. Microsoft opened PlaysForSure and then let it die, taking with it millions of music files on devices that are no longer supported.

So maybe I will stick with Google and hope that my Google TV can get along with my Google Phone while I watch movies from Google Play and listen to music from Google Play Music, sharing them on Google+ on my Google ChromeBook and buying all through google wallet. And I will send them the prayers of a technological geek - "Lord, please do not let them decide that this useful service is not profitable."

I just want to be left alone. I want my various equipment to communicate with each other. I do not want to live in a house where everything should be done by one company, otherwise nothing works fine. I don’t want to get stuck in a crappy product because it only offers X service.

I don’t want toys that work only on their own kind of batteries.

I do not want to be part of your fucking ecosystem.

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