Simon Marlow leaves Microsoft Research on Facebook

    Simon Marlow announced today that he is leaving MIcrosoft Research on the mailing list .

    “I plan to take a short break and complete my book on multi-threaded and concurrent programming on Haskell for O'Relly, and then start working at the British office in Facebook in March 2013,” he writes.

    Simon Marlow is one of the creators of the Haskell language and one of the leading developers of the single most popular compiler, GHC.
    Since 1997, together with other programmers, he works at Microsoft Research and is exclusively engaged in the development of GHC. In particular, Simon is responsible for developing most of the run time system.

    What will be the consequences of this transition early to judge. But we can confidently say that the development of GHC will slow down.

    Simon himself writes:
    “How will this affect the GHC? Obviously, I will have much less time to work on the compiler. But I expect to devote some time to fixing bugs and development assistance. ”

    However, despite the slowdown in compiler development, the situation has a downside. If Facebook is interested in developing the niche of functional programming where Haskell is located, perhaps Simon will participate in adapting the technology of this language for business. And this can serve as an impetus for increasing its popularity.

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