Elite Dangerous - Kickstarter Revives Another Veteran

    More than two weeks have already passed on kickstarter to raise money for the continuation of the cult simulator of a space mercenary - "Elite: Dangerous".

    We are promised a huge procedurally generated universe based on real mass distribution curves, classic flexibility and an open world. As well as global multiplayer, where the universe is populated by other players.

    However, with the advent of the multiplayer, the acceleration of time will be taken away from us. But they promise to replace "local hyper-jumps."

    At the moment, the project has collected more than 500 thousand pounds of the requested 1.25 million. And there are still 45 days left.

    The release is promised in March 2014. The platform is called PC. And after the release, the authors promise to think about porting almost to the iPad.

    I am glad that kickstarter has become a platform that helps good old hits to find a second life!

    In the video below, the author tries to tell in “understandable language” about the procedural generation of the universe. I don’t know how others, but personally, if I didn’t know what he wants to talk about, I would definitely be confused.

    PS: I have a special respect for this boat here:


    I think many people are familiar with this feed painfully;)

    PS: I apologize for the repeated post on the same topic, I did not find it for the first time. However, he added a different info and video, which were not two weeks ago.

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