vWorker purchased by freelancer.com

    Today I received an email that vWorker was bought by freelancer.com. There is a proof for this on the site www.vworker.com.

    All accounts, transactions, reviews, money will be transferred to the new freelancer.com platform. The

    old rules and methods for withdrawing money are no longer valid.

    Unlucky for those who were waiting today for the withdrawal of money through the Wester Union - the new exchange does not yet support it. Also, all involved affiliates are not valid.


    When withdrawing money at the moment it is shown that the payment will only be on December 10 (at least for me and another user). However, support explained that there would not be such a delay, and as a sign of respect to all vWorker users, the withdrawal of money will be in the next batch (when I do not know exactly, but they are 2 times a week, 8 times a month).

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