Where to find a good instructor or driving school

    As soon as a person decides to get the right to learn how to drive a car, he faces a dilemma: go to a driving school or trust the instructor? In addition, you need to get answers to many questions: which car to choose for practical exercises? What to be guided by when choosing an instructor or school? How to make it cheaper? Which side to approach the exam cow in the traffic police? All these questions arose before me in full growth, when I decided to get right in the spring. The main thing in choosing an instructor or driving school is trust. If this question is also relevant for you or your loved ones now - I recommend the site Gazu.ru . If you describe the project in terms of the rule of one sentence

    Gazu.ru is a site for those who are learning to drive, which allows you to choose an instructor or a driving school using your own current base.

    Gazu.ru is not the only website in Runet that offers a database of driving schools and instructors; its USP consists in the relevance of data and individual selection. So, for example, information about all Moscow driving schools was updated in September 2012 - by the way, there are exactly 100 of them in Moscow now. In total, the site contains information on four cities - in addition to Moscow, it is also St. Petersburg, Ufa and Novosibirsk.

    There are only 38 instructors on the site, but each has passed the selection. Most instructors have been working with the portal for more than five years, and resource managers know all the teachers personally. Often users simply call the Moscow number (495) 988-57-35 - and on the other end of the line a person who knows all the instructors personally and can give a little more information than the instructor’s profile — the character of the instructor, the car in which area he is teaching how much works etc.

    The portal administration constantly monitors the availability of licenses for instructors, the quality of the services provided, and is attentive to the feedback of students (instructors who work poorly lose the right to place their cards on the site).

    Despite the fact that the placement of instructors is paid, in order to become an instructor for Gazu.ru it is not enough just to install additional pedals in your car, register on the site and replenish your account. Site managers conduct personal meetings, checks (by phone and as a student). As a result, only every third person is accepted on gazu.ru. This once again ensures that students do not have to deal with non-professionals, amateurs without education and old rattles, whose resource is only enough to groan until the car dump.

    This all allows you to avoid situations where, for example, the price is 300, but in reality it’s 500 or the whole "team" is hiding behind one virtual site - you call them and they say "the instructor is sick, come to us," Thanks to our work, the chances of encountering this on our website are minimal.

    Other sources of project earnings are banner advertising and priority placement of driving schools in the issuance.

    A bit about the site itself

    The site has been operating since 2005, and most recently experienced a redesign, which became the reason for this publication.

    For example, the registration form has been simplified:

    The registration window

    In addition, usability has been worked out: the designers have tried to ensure that the distance to any necessary page does not exceed three clicks from the main page.

    In the section “ Instructors»There is a list of instructors whose cards can be sorted by rating, reviews or price. Directly in the teacher’s card you can find all the information you need: contact details, photo of the instructor, description of the services provided and prices, information about the experience, time and areas of the practical classes, the type of vehicle used for training, the advantages of this instructor over his colleagues, and even such details like bad habits of an instructor and the smell in the passenger compartment.

    Any user who does not like the training methodology can simply complain about the instructor with a simple click.

    Instructor card

    Also in the instructor card there are subsections " Video " and " Reviews”, Which allow you to get more detailed information about the quality of the services that a driving teacher provides, and, so to speak,“ personally get to know ”the instructor.

    If for some reason the user is not satisfied with the selected instructor, the site will independently compile a selection of similar offers.

    About the same principle, the section " Driving schools " works , the choice of offers in which can be done based on a suitable area of ​​Moscow.

    Instructor Search Filter Search

    Filterthe instructor / driving school is so detailed that it makes it possible to find a suitable teacher or school by place of employment (metro stations and city districts), by gender, by make of car, type of drive and transmission, by power and “stuffing” of a car, by the cost of an hour or course of study, as well as on additional parameters such as training without a license, kontravariynoy preparation and extreme driving, classes on weekends, lessons on autodrome, and others.

    In addition, the site has a " Blogs " resource users (where do without them), " St. articles ”(own reviews, ratings, tips, recommendations, expert opinions, articles in the style of“ autohack ”), as well as“ Questions and Answers", Which, despite the fact that he appeared on the site recently, began to enjoy great popularity. Here the user can get answers to his questions and qualified advice.

    The Question-Answer section.

    We should also mention articles that are based on the personal experience of instructors and car enthusiasts - for example, an article on choosing winter tires , and at the same time a review of “ best winter tires 2012 ”. Fans of gadgets will certainly be interested in material about DVRs , and an overview of the best models of 2012 .

    Those who plan to become a motorist in the near future and who have to take the exam in the traffic police .

    Another interesting thing, for example, “ Signals and gestures of the traffic controller, ” although in Moscow, it’s almost like meeting a dinosaur, probably.

    The average attendance of Gazu.ru at the moment is approximately 10 thousand users per day. At the same time, at the request of "auto-instructors", the site is in second place on Google and on fourth line in Yandex.

    Well, when it comes time to think about changing the car - an urgent repayment of cars will come to your aid.

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