Simple Business Launches UniSender Email Alert Module

    Today, businesses are actively using e-mail alerts to interact with customers. Now all users of the Simple Business complex will be able to quickly and easily launch effective e-mail information for their customers who have subscribed to the newsletter on the company's website. E-mail alerts will be made through the popular service UniSender , one of the leading companies in the market, whose services are already used by more than 18,000 organizations.

    Thanks to the implementation of this module, you will be able to promptly inform customers about ongoing promotions, events, new services and report on innovations in a beautiful format that is easy to read.

    What opportunities does your new Simple Business e-mail alert module based on UniSender offer for your company?
    -The ability to send alerts immediately from the Universal Business Simple table.
    - Ability to create e-mail alerts with general or personalized content.
    - Reliability. More than 10 million e-mail and SMS messages are delivered daily through UniSender. The company guarantees delivery of at least 98% of letters (for confirmed lists).
    - Ease of management. To start an e-mail alert, just download the customer email addresses and compose a letter. Subscription, unsubscribing, spam filtering issues are resolved automatically.
    - The ability to implement interactive marketing campaigns through the automatic sending of a series of letters.
    -Professional technical support - specialists will promptly answer your questions by phone, skype or e-mail.
    - The ability to analyze the effectiveness and statistics of campaigns. Email alerts tools allow you to collect analytics, campaign statistics. You will know the dynamics of the most important indicators: the number of reads, the number of clicks to the site, the number of unsubscribing, subscribing, etc. Using this data will help make the next campaign more effective.

    Use the e-mail newsletter module in “Simple Business”, and your contacts with customers will become even more productive!

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