Final version of Firefox for Android now supports devices with ARMv6 architecture

    The Firefox browser (the version for "adult" OS) has been popular among Internet users for many years. Probably, this state of affairs will continue for a long time. But in the mobile sector, Firefox is not as good as it could be. The reason is that the leadership of Mozilla for a long time did not pay attention to the opportunities provided by the mobile sphere. Now the situation is starting to change. The other day, developers said that the mobile version of the browser may already work with devices on the ARMv6 platform. So far, mobile Firefox has only worked with ARMv7 devices.

    According to Mozilla, about half of the Android devices (about half a billion in all) currently in use are based on the ARMv6 architecture. In other words, after including this platform in the list of supported ones, the Firefox browser has significantly expanded the list of potential users. Not so long ago, developers showed an updated browser , its beta version, with support for ARMv6 enabled. The final release can be obtained here . Now Firefox works with devices such as Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510, HTC Status, LG Optimus Q, Motorola XT531, Motorola Fire XT and many others.

    However, for the normal operation of the browser requires a processor with a core frequency of at least 800 MHz, and RAM of 512 MB.

    Mozilla, in addition to supporting the new platform, has added many other features, including support for TalkBack Android screen reader . The 17th version of mobile Firefox also has initial support for Firefox web applications, plus software support for H.264 video on Android 4 and 4.1.

    Via techcrunch

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