The date of the abolition of mobile slavery became known

    Six months have passed since the preparation of the bill on the abolition of “mobile slavery”.

    The other day it became known that the possibility of saving a mobile phone number when changing the operator will appear for Russian subscribers from December 1, 2013.

    This was announced by Arkady Dvorkovich during a meeting with the Prime Minister. The bill is already in the government and five necessary by-laws will be prepared within three months.

    “Each subscriber will be able to save the number when switching to another operator, the expenses of companies associated with maintaining the databases will be compensated from the reserve for the provision of universal communication services,” summed up Dvorkovich.

    The bill itself does not require the attraction of additional funds from the federal budget, but still provides for the costs of mobile operators. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of upgrading cellular networks will be about $ 400 million. The

    document should be considered during the fall session of the State Duma. For the service for storing the number, operators will not be able to demand more than 100 rubles from a subscriber.

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