Skype 4.1 released for Linux

    Continuing a series of good ( Skype gives out a month of free calls all over the world ) and not very good ( Vulnerability in skype, which allows to steal any account ) news about Skype I hasten to share the news:
    No later than yesterday an official blog post appeared on Skype 4.1 for operating systems Linux

    On innovations, I will quote from Laura :

    • the ability to chat with Windows Live Messenger clients;
    • talk window has been modified;
    • support for secondary login is implemented - the ability to run more than one instance of a program at a time (implemented by adding the "- secondary" parameter on the command line);
    • Improved video conferencing
    • support for Skype URIs for web pages (website developers can embed Skype URI in a web page to support chat and calls directly from a web page. Skype URIs are now supported by Skype for Linux, so when someone clicks on the Skype contact list on a web page containing names and phone numbers, the URI will automatically start Skype for Linux and initiate a call to the specified address).
    • In addition, bugs are fixed and stability is improved.

    • Read more about the implementation on the official blog
    • Download the latest version. It is noteworthy that for Ubuntu 12.10 only the x86 package is available so far.

    For a successful installation on Ubuntu 12.10, I had to manually remove the old package before installing the new one.

    It seems that thoughts are not coming true that after the purchase of Skype by Microsoft, support for Linux systems will be "nullified."

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