2ndboot second life for older Motorola Android phones?

    Short note for those interested.

    Background. Until recently, most custom Motorola firmware always worked with the stock core. Those. it was possible to have a Custom ROM with Gingerbread 2.3.7 or even Honeycomb on the Milestone A853, but it all worked on the 2.2 kernel from the official firmware through a bunch of interlayers and backups, which did not add joy (and I am silent about stability). The 2ndboot alternate bootloader worked, but the telephone module fell off . But the competitor PSP or iTouch from Mllestone - no :)

    So, just a few weeks ago, it turned out to launch 2ndbootwith a working telephone module! As a result, the revolt now reigns in the camp of developers (for now, mainly for MS1 and MS2) - custom firmware gladly crawls to the last core and even went the process of porting CM10 (Android 4.1 JB) to Milestone. It is clear that miracles are not expected from him, but it's nice :) In the near future, I think you can expect the appearance of the “correct” 2ndboot for other Motorola models.

    I changed my Milestone to CM7 7.2.4bwith updated kernel. Compared with the previous 7.2.x (without 2ndboot), it seems to work smoother and more evenly. “Like” - because it is too early to draw conclusions, and the placebo effect is not ruled out. The camera starts up faster. Glukov has not yet been noticed. I think in a month it will be possible to begin experiments with the CM10 port. Who cares - uncover the Mileston's and share your impressions.

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