Inline editing in Django

    Recently, the task was to give users a convenient data editing tool. I wanted users to immediately see the result and not jump between several pages for editing and viewing. A little googling, we found an excellent django-inplaceedit application that allows you to implement visual data editing.

    Installation from PyPI:

    pip install django-inplaceedit

    We connect the application to the project in



    These are the settings we used, there are more of them in the documentation
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT_EDIT = 'my_app.perms.MyAdaptorEditInline' #  "подключаем свой, подробнее - ниже"
    INPLACEEDIT_DISABLE_CLICK = False # "разрешаем сохранять изменения нажатием Enter"
    INPLACEEDIT_EVENT = "click" # "событие для вызова редактирования"

    Defining your adapters or overriding default ones.

    Why might this be needed? There is an extension for django-inplaceedit , django-inplaceedit-extra-fields adding work with AutoCompleteManyToManyField and AutoCompleteForeingKeyField. The names of the adapters in both applications can match and then we can redefine them. Or you can write your own adapter.
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT = {'auto_fk': 'inplaceeditform_extra_fields.fields.AdaptorAutoCompleteForeingKeyField',
                           'auto_m2m': 'inplaceeditform_extra_fields.fields.AdaptorAutoCompleteManyToManyField',
                           'image_thumb': 'inplaceeditform_extra_fields.fields.AdaptorImageThumbnailField',
                           'tiny': 'inplaceeditform_extra_fields.fields.AdaptorTinyMCEField',}

    Connection in base.html

    {% load inplace_edit %}
    {% inplace_toolbar %}
    {% inplace_static %}

    Connection in

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^inplaceeditform/', include('inplaceeditform.urls')),

    Editing Rights Definitions

    By default, only superuser can edit information using django-inplaceedit. This can be easily fixed by overriding rights. Remember, we described above
     ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT_EDIT = 'my_app.perms.MyAdaptorEditInline' 
    now in more detail.
    Create the file inside my_app. Here is the file from the documentation
    class MyAdaptorEditInline(object):
        def can_edit(cls, adaptor_field):
            user = adaptor_field.request.user
            obj = adaptor_field.obj
            can_edit = False
            if user.is_anonymous():
            elif user.is_superuser:
                can_edit = True
               can_edit = has_permission(obj, user, 'edit')
            return can_edit
    I made all the checks before downloading the template with inlineedit, so my file is simpler
    class MyAdaptorEditInline(object):
        def can_edit(cls, adaptor_field):
            can_edit = True
            return can_edit

    Use in edit template

    {% extends "base.html" %}
    {% load i18n inplace_edit %}
    • ФИО:

      {% inplace_edit "seeker.user.first_name" adaptor="tiny", auto_height=1, auto_width=1, edit_empty_value="Кликните для редактирования" %}

    • Год рождения:

      {% inplace_edit "seeker.age" adaptor="text", auto_height=1, auto_width=1, edit_empty_value="Кликните для редактирования" %}

    • Город проживания:

      {% inplace_edit "" adaptor="text", auto_height=1, auto_width=1, edit_empty_value="Город" %}

    And how it looks before editing:

    During editing:

    Now a screenshot of the entire page. Pay attention to textarea, there appeared a WYSIWYG editor.

    In edit mode:

    Example of an editor in a template:
    {% inplace_edit "seeker.resume_workexp|safe" filters_to_show="safe", adaptor="tiny", tag_name_cover="div", auto_height=1, auto_width=1, edit_empty_value="Кликните для редактирования" %}

    And moreover, this is the same page, without a reboot. We checked on users that there were enough tooltips about the possibility of editing so that everyone could figure it out the first time.

    Possible problems

    In another project, we used the image_thumb adapter to upload and edit pictures. An error occurred while trying to edit the image:
    TemplateSyntaxError at /adverts/cabinet/
    Invalid block tag: ‘endthumbnail’, expected ‘elif’,'else’ или ‘endif’


    The error occurs due to 'sorl.thumbnail' which is required when installing django-inplaceedit-extra-fields. We just found django-inplaceedit-extra-fields in the source where the first time sorl.thumbnail was called and replaced the call.
    Editing the of the django-inplaceedit-extra-fields package, line 96:
    from sorl import thumbnail # меняем на 
    from easy_thumbnails import thumbnail  # не забудьте установить easy_thumbnails 

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