Open meeting for Java developers

    November 16,
    18.30 - 21.00

    EPAM Systems, supported by the Java User Group KPI (JUG KPI), will host Anton Arkhipov , developer of ZeroTurnaround, a company known for its LiveRebel products ( “Eclipse's 2012 Hot New Product Award” ) and JRebel ( “Duke's Choice Award / Oracle Innovation Award " ).

    Topics for the meeting:
    - Rapid development of Java applications

    • How long does it take to build your application?
    • How long does it take to start the server and deploy your application?
    • How many transitions then you need to spend to go to the page you need, and look at the results of the changes made?

    - An overview of Java bytecode tools
    • What if you want to make changes or fix a bug in a class file?
    • An overview of the basics of the bytecode, as well as various tools that can be used to work with it.
    The meeting will be held in Russian, the details of the meeting can be found on the website.
    Registration is open by link until November 12 : = dDFDX0pKeTA4UzBzdnJnNXREd0p5OFE6MQ

    Meeting point: Kiev, EPAM Systems office, st. Kudryashova 14b, cafe

    Important: Be sure to take an identification card to a meeting so that you are allowed into the building.

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