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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue # 130: Inconvenient classes and any JS, manifesto on the fly, buggy grids, bad landing of a good SRI , Issue №129: A virus in npm, why Feature Policy, a case in Atom, a dead code, division of responsibility, an arrow or a finger
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast: # 62 - Andrei Sitnik about moving to New York, traveling and porn on Twitter , # 61 - Andrei Melikhov about working at Yandex.Money, Night front end and seizing power in devSchacht
    podcastDevshakhta / Night Frontend podcast: # 42 - CI / CD Automation , # 41 - In search of a good code review
    podcastFrontend Youth ( X1) podcast 8+)# 56 Toxic Community
    podcastCSSSR Podcast News 512 - Issue # 15 (July 16 - July 22)

    Web development

    habrWhat the web developer needs to remember to do everything SEO-Few
    Extensions for Visual Studio Code that take the development process to a new level
    enWeb components in 2018
    enHoly Grail of reusable components: Custom Elements, Shadow DOM and NPM
    enDetails of creating a Google Photos web interface
    enAnatomy of malicious scripts: how a website can take control of your browser
    enAccessibility for teams - a quick guide to embedding accessibility and inclusion practices in the development process of your team
    enFuture WebAssembly - a look at the planned features nationalities and suggestions
    enSVG Animation with SVGator


    habrRight to left. How to flip the site interface under RTL
    habrCSS Paint API
    CSS: a new kind of JavaScript
    CSS grid chemistry
    enComplete illustrated Flexbox guide
    en9 biggest mistakes with CSS Grid
    enDSS is the final release of the first beta of Deterministic Style Sheets, analog CSS modules with automatic compilation to atomic CSS classes for small bundles
    enStrange things that variable fonts can do
    enHow to fix CSS layout problems?
    enUseful things you can do with CSS pointer events
    enShould I use the IE version of the Grid Layout in 2018?
    enI tried functional CSS and it sucks like
    enHow to get better at writing CSS


    habrComparison of JS frameworks: React, Vue and Hyperapp , Re: “Comparison of JS frameworks: React, Vue and Hyperapp”
    habrJavaScript ES6: weaknesses
    habrMetaprogramming in JavaScript
    habr15 HTML methods of elements that you probably never not heard
    Fullstack JS Developer Competency Matrix
    enIntroduction to JavaScript MutationObserver API
    enJavascript ES6 - in fact, you do not need to learn generators
    enTypeScript 3.0 RC Announcement

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enHow to create a modern control panel on NVD3.js
      encoolHue - a tool for selecting gradients and creating your own palettes
      endraxt - NodeList-like / jQuery-like package for File System (node.js)
      enPopbox.js - small plugin for creating layered modal windows. The plugin is independent and fully customizable
      enPushbar.js is a small plugin for creating exit panels in web applications.


    WebRender has been added to the nightly builds of Firefox, which uses GPUs to render web pages.
    Browsh develops a console browser based on Firefox
    The formation of Firefox’s ASan builds has begun to identify problems with memory
    enThree new convenient features in Chrome DevTools


    So much knowledge, so little time.
    To be a multi-specialist, but to advertise yourself as a specialist in one area.
    • The speed of Linux on Windows 10 . Ode to bash terminal in Windows Subsystem for Linux.
    6 approaches to prioritizing tasks. Experience Readdle, MacPaw, Grammarly, and EduNav
    Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook launched a data portability project.
    A popular NPM module introduces malware that copies authentication parameters.
    Algorithms save people: how couples save lives
    Intel told about 10 of their main achievements in 50 years
    Check Point presented an overview of cyber threats for the first half of 2018: the double growth of crypto miners and the change of the vector of attacks on the clouds
    AMD, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Oculus and Valve are developing VirtualLink standard that will allow you to connect VR helmets to a PC using a single USB-C cable
    Dark pattern: how web services make users err in their actions
    videoHow the visitor uses the iPhone, MacBook and Apple Watch

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