Why a Coming Soon Page mobile app and how to use it?

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    Coming Soon Page

    Using the coming soon page for a mobile application allows you to attract and bring together an audience of future users long before its release. A competent analytics of user behavior will help to improve your impact on the visitor and the marketing strategy of the application. And as a result, increase sales.

    I would like to share my experience and several important points from my practice that have had a good impact on our Turnplay product .

    There are several main points of the beneficial effect of coming soon page on the product:
    - Transmission of a message about the expected product, its benefits or the uniqueness of solving the consumer problem;
    - Gathering a customer base for a future product. If a person subscribes, then he is interested, because no one will subscribe to spam today;
    - Getting feedback and customer feedback before the publication of the product and after its release;
    - Assessment of product success, before entering the market;
    - The ability to make changes to the marketing program, the correction of possible errors in the upcoming release;

    What can be done and used so that coming soon brings the above benefits?

    Design and interactivity.

    In my opinion, design is the most important. It would be better if your coming soon page had a catchy illustration, render, a beautiful product icon that would attract a visitor. It is advisable to have elements of interactivity on your site, people will want to push or twist something. It is desirable that the design is well remembered by visitors!

    The text message is message.

    When a visitor is inspired by visual content, you can tell him something about your product - it can be some kind of quote, intrigue, or direct specifics about the product.

    Subscription and Visitor Value.

    The correct text will encourage the visitor to subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss any of the goodies that can later be received on the first day of release. This is one of the factors influencing the interest in the product, because free content in all its manifestations is a potential benefit and value for the visitor. The visitor is happy, leaves an email, but what next? How else can he help us?

    Social network.

    Be sure to add social buttons to the page so that the visitor can use them to tell your friends about them on social networks and thereby expand your customer base.


    If you still have time, then you can upload the video so that the potential user can more clearly understand what he will get as a result, when the product goes on sale.

    Promotion and analysis.

    Okay, the site is ready, but it’s neither cold nor hot for us. How to attract an audience there? How to determine where to invest money and effort?

    Nowadays, in order to arouse interest in your product, you need to show it everywhere! When I say everywhere, I mean all the possible tools of Internet marketing, social networks and other resources.

    The first tool for me personally is Twitter and Facebook. As soon as the site is published, tell about it, ask your subscribers to retweet / repost your message. Contact the owners of the Facebook pages that have the most targeted audience for your product.

    Use contextual advertising in AdWords with Google, in any case, this is what American startups recommend. Take the low-frequency and most targeted queries and start attracting people. Analyze which ad works, which doesn't. Remember, catching up traffic is not the main thing, the main thing is that visitors should be your target audience.

    And be sure to measure the result at each stage so that you can understand which tools work best. Watch how visitors navigate your site, what they do, where they click.

    One way to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the coming soon page is through a map of user behavior.

    The color of the spot depends on the number of clicks - the more clicks, the warmer and redder the spot.

    Applying it on the coming soon page of our product, it is very curious to observe that site visitors actively clicked on the vinyl player illustration, tonearm and pitch. Here it is obvious that they need the interactivity of these elements.

    Everything is very clear, the click map works to assess the behavior of visitors and allows you to improve the coming soon page, as they say, "on the fly." A great reason to experiment with the layout and lyrics of your coming soon page.

    When building the click map, the Yandex.Metrica tool was used - click map .


    Do not be afraid to spend your efforts and funds on creating the coming soon page, because this is a tool for influencing potential users and getting their reaction to your proposal.

    With the right use of this tool, you will be able to provide yourself with a decent level of sales since the release of the product.
    See for yourself how it works: http://turnplay.ramotion.com/en

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