EPAM IT Share # 2: Can you Kanban? Fault tolerance

    Hello to the subscribers of the corporate hubloglog EPAM Systems Ukraine!

    On Thursday, November 1, the second EPAM IT Share meeting took place , at which Mikhail Petruk P0WERMIC and Yuri Shapovalov told us about what they were working on and how to solve the problems that fell on their shoulders.

    In this short report you will find video materials of the meeting and presentation files.

    Can you Kanban?

    In his report, Mikhail, a project manager from the Kharkov office of EPAM, spoke about the Kanban methodology and the main “pillars” on which it is built. But it is worth noting that Kanban is primarily a philosophy, and then methods. A real Japanese will never do everything from a floundering bay, and discipline is his main character trait.

    Really interesting? Full video report, 2 hours, careful with working hours!

    The presentation can be downloaded from Dropbox .

    Fault tolerance

    In the second part of IT-Share, Yuri, a team leader from Kharkov, told and showed with examples how to develop fault-tolerant software. The main types of exception tracking techniques were discussed. Yuri also told how best to test applications for fault tolerance.

    Report video:

    The presentation can also be downloaded from Dropbox .

    Follow our announcements. The next IT-Share meeting is just around the corner and it will be very interesting! Well, cookies will also be =)

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