Features of IT - jurisprudence

    I am studying NETGEAR NAS documentation. I came across a curious document (at the bottom of the page). The font attracted attention - it was very small, with the expectation that no one would read it.

    But this document is beautiful from beginning to end. Let me cite the text in its entirety. The parts that surprised me most were the ones I highlighted. Do not be too lazy to read, this is better than any joke.

    I hereby authorize authorized support personnel or an authorized representative of NETGEAR, Inc. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as NETGEAR) to access my NETGEAR equipment to diagnose and fix the problem. I know that these technical support operations do not guarantee success and can lead to partial or complete data loss. I also know thatNETGEAR will have access to part or all of the data, including personal and confidential information that is recorded on my NETGEAR equipment . NETGEAR will try not to violate the confidentiality of this information.
    By allowing remote access, I undertake not to make any claims against NETGEAR and its representatives. I will not sue NETGEAR , its subsidiaries, employees, consultants and representatives. In any case, NETGEAR’s liability for attempts to remotely access, test and / or repair your equipment does not exceed 1 (one) US dollar . Any legal action under these conditions must be brought before a Santa Clara court (California, USA) andthe applicant must pay all costs of the proceedings, including attorneys .

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