Psion 5mx vs iPhone 5 in everyday use *

    * if you are in a computer game about a special agent

    There is no point in comparing megahertz if the device is useless in your daily use.
    Therefore, in this review, I wanted to get away from comparisons of characteristics towards comparing performance in some everyday life situations. Designed in the style of FAQ.

    What if you need to receive a message from management?

    You can always send SMS using your iPhone 5. It has an excellent, bright screen and the presence of wireless communication methods. As you know, intercepting such communication methods is simple and easy, and this can greatly change your plans for the working day.

    In this regard, the good old RS232 (better known as a COM port) can use any of the simplest PBXs in the city. This is especially convenient when any, even very old piece of iron supports it. And a 53-button keyboard will help you quickly type a message, on which (unlike iphone 5) you can type blindly. This is true if a rocket accidentally hits your shelter while sending a message. Or a helicopter fell on you. Or a flying saucer hung over you, from which the green men drop.

    In a word - Psion 5mx is your assistant in any unexpected situation from everyday life. Here we are happy to give him a well-deserved point.

    What if a large car with tinting accidentally drove up to your house?

    As you know, in such a situation you need to show yourself as a simple tourist, albeit with quirks, as soon as possible by deleting all the data from the device.

    In iPhone 5, you will find a convenient iCloud cloud data storage in which you can save all your settings and blah blah blah data.

    Do you seriously intend to use this garbage at a time when people in shape are breaking into you?

    Psion 5mx offers a truly convenient solution for such situations. Just pull out the batteries. And use your brain for long-term data backup.

    And here Psion 5mx leaves behind his opponent. Score 2-0

    What if you plan to use the device as a weapon.

    Possessing an impressive weight of 350g, psion seems to be the leader, but looking at its soft edges made of plastic, it becomes clear that you will soon lose your weapons and device than inflict any damage to the enemy.

    The thinnest and lightest iPhone in history has a completely new aluminum design and durable Gorilla Glass. Even with a weight of only 112 grams, the iphone in capable hands is able to arrange a local Mila Jovovich with a katana.

    This is really useful when no one should know about your presence in the country. Therefore, we are happy to give the score of iphone 5, which left our competitor far behind. 2-1

    What if you need to fly in a helicopter only in numbers of coordinates?

    I can use the GPS receiver in the iPhone 5. Use the latest three-dimensional maps, and even fly to the place. But for this I need a map cache, since at an altitude of 400 meters above the ground you are unlikely to find wifi. But even so, the iPhone 5 will show me where to fly.

    Well, with psion 5mx you should only rely on a compass in a helicopter.

    iPhone 5 is in this situation a clear leader. Score 2-2

    What if you need to download classified documents?

    The new iTunes is fun for any scenario. Your music collection, apps, podcasts, and more. All the fun is in the iTunes app. To do this, you need very little Computer PC with an Intel or AMD processor (1 GHz) and 512 MB of RAM.

    At the same time, the standard RS232 allows you to connect to any device with at least wiring from a household wire. A built-in compiler of the OPL language will allow you to write a program to decrypt these documents.

    We give the winner point without a doubt palm Psion 5mx, and with a score of 3-2 he wins this battle.


    As you can see, this is not a matter of megahertz, but of convenience, and here psion 5mx simply has no equal, even among the latest devices. Of course, if you are in a computer game about a special agent :)

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