Camera and gallery from Android 4.2

Original author: dmmark
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On Androidcentral, the good user dmmarck posted apk and instructions for installing camera and gallery applications from Android 4.2 to 4.1.

In short:
Need a rooted Android no lower than 4.0.4

Post number 1 . We put in the system / app using the Root Explorer. We check permissions, there should be RW-RR.

Post number 3 . We put these files and this file in System / lib, check / assign RW-RR

We put this file in System / app. Permissions are the same.


To download files, registration is required, but it takes 20 seconds.

UPD: A kit compiled in .zip for firmware lives here and here .

I already set myself, tried, now I am in a practically euphoric state. The camera has become more convenient - place your finger on any place, drag a setting on the change icon, release it - the settings are changed. Although the panorama algorithm does not yet cope with small volumes such as a room, the trend itself is unspeakable. The gallery has also become better and more convenient.

I satisfy the request for screenshots:

Camera settings under the finger.

Spherical panorama shooting interface.

Obvious jambs of gluing the room.

"Tape" view gallery.

View available albums in the gallery.

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