Meet IntelliCommand (Visual Studio 2010/2012 extension)

    How many hotkeys do you know in Visual Studio? Do you know everything? I know a way to learn them all. I want to introduce you to the extension for Visual Studio 2010/2012, which I wrote together with my colleagues Drake Campbell and Aditya Mandaleeka . Let me just copy the description of the extension with Visual Studio Gallery :

    IntelliCommand is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 that helps you find keyboard shortcuts. This extension shows a helper window with all possible key combinations when you press Control, Shift or Alt, or their combination (by default you need to hold the key for a couple of seconds). Also, this extension shows a list of possible combinations when you press the first combination of chord shortcut keys, for example, Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C (this combination will comment out the code in the editor).

    A few screenshots:

    IntelliCommand displays a list of possible combinations when you press Control + Shift for a few seconds: The user pressed Ctrl + K. Visual Studio is waiting for the second combination: Settings window for Intelli Command. The delay time before the IntelliCommand window displays. Change the appearance of the IntelliCommand window: Download IntelliCommand from the Visual Studio Gallery. Feedback is welcome!

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