Runetology (171): Denis Davydov, Executive Director of the Safe Internet League

    Denis Davydov about why there is more dangerous content on the Web than is commonly believed, how many criminal cases of child molestation are opened in Russia in a year and how to deal with pornographic content.

    Guest Interview:
    • How has the degree of danger of the Internet over the past 15 years?
    • “The Russian cybercrime market is one third of the world. And we are a leading country in the dissemination of child pornography. And if in the USA pedophiles look at such materials, then they make them with us. ”
    • "Virtual criminals are better organized [offline], they are more cohesive, and, as a rule, these are extra-class specialists."
    • Where are 85% of sites with banned content located?
    • How does the Safe Internet League balance between government, business and the public?
    • FZ-139: why was the law on the registry of banned sites needed?

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