The release of the new version of modLivestreet module

    11 days have passed since the last press release of my modLivestreet module for the MODX Revolution + LivestreetCMS bundle.

    During this time, the package has been seriously finalized and already claims to be the stable version.
    List of changes under the cut.
    For any questions, ask.

    List of changes (though only for the latest version of the package):

    1. If the page was not found, substitute the default page for MODX
    if (! $ Modx-> resource) {
    $ modx-> resource = $ modx-> getObject ('modResource' , $ modx-> getOption ('site_start'));

    2. Added synchronized authorization in Livestreet and MODX.
    In MODX checked on Login snippet

    3. During synchronous user registration in LS, if the LS user is immediately authorized,
    then the MODX user is activated and authorized immediately

    4. Synchronous

    logout of LS and MODX users 5. A function for registering $ _GET parameters from the line has been added to the snippet request
    if $ request_uri has been reloaded.

    6. In the snippet, a function has been added to replace the encoded MODX tags
    '[' and ']' with '[' and ']' browser-friendly “

    7. The synchronous change of MODX and Livestreet user passwords is
    true only through the Livestreet website
    (but in principle, the profile control panel is only in Livestreet so far, so it seems like we’re not losing anything)

    8. Automatic activation of the MODX user, if the Livestreet settings
    require activation of the account using the link to the email.

    You can download the latest version here:
    Build the package on GitHub:

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