Practical Guide to Collective Action

    On the Polit.Ru website yesterday appeared a book by Alexander Borisovich Dolgin “How can we become contractual, or a Practical Guide to Collective Action” (with the subtitle “Beginnings of Club Club Economic Theory”); it is available for reading on the site itself, and for download in PDF format.

    The author of the book (known as the founder of Imkhonet») Criticizes more or less justified both existing social networks and communities, as well as their opposite - crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, relying on the voluntary participation of individual random people. Dolgin’s ideal, as far as I could tell from the text of his book, is the widespread distribution of clubs of people who are connected by common life, commercial, political, social interests, moreover, people who are aware of the mathematical and economic and IT mechanisms for gaining from the association and for finding such collective decisions that really suit most. The author also considers in some cases it is desirable or even categorically necessary to rely on the reputation of people instead of addressing the first ones they come across.

    I must say right away that not all Dolgin’s arguments seem indisputable to me, but I believe that the book will be interesting for many Habrahabr readers - that’s why I decided to recommend it to all of you.

    Let the name of the site Polit.Ru not make you suspect that the book posted there is replete with politics. Of all the examples examined in it, political seems to be no more than a third, so that it is suitable for a cold-blooded reading by the non-political community of Habrahabr. (Alas, they are enough to understand that Dolgin is liberal.)

    The Polit.Ru website has a notice “The text is distributed under the Creative Commons license”, but without specifying the type of license (simple CC-BY or with suffixes -NC yes -ND ? ...),so it looks either comic or depressing; rather, probably depressing.

    P.S. Notification corrected.

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