Google Street View. Mastering the Grand Canyon

    Google announced that they used a special version of the camera kit Trekker to create panoramas. Unlike the systems installed on GSV cars, Trekker resembles a large heavy backpack with all the necessary communications.

    According to the company, this is the first field test of the system. The Grand Canyon was chosen because there are breathtaking landscapes, the beauty of which is best seen when walking. Trekker was designed specifically for operators who have to wade through the narrow trails of rocky terrain.

    The backpack camera itself was first shown to the public at the beginning of this year as part of an event dedicated to Google Street View.

    So, here is the arsenal for creating panoramas at the moment:

    - Street View cars, you've seen them more than once
    - Trekker for walking
    - Tricycles
    - Snowmobiles
    - Train (this year the company was going to equip the train with cameras for shooting Switzerland).

    It is still unknown when exactly the users will be able to “walk” along the Grand Canyon.


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