The Odd Warrior collects 950,000 rubles

    Odd Warrior 3 is a side project of the Bi-2 group, where Lyova and Shura act as sound producers. After a successful crowdfunding project to release the Spirit album (more than 1,260,000 rubles were raised on the Planet), Bi-2 decided to release the third Odd Warrior in the same way. Musicians very much believe in the crowd-scheme and consider it an ideal option for the interaction of artists and fans.
    The Odd Warrior concept is to bring together famous artists to create something completely new. Already released project albums marked Diana Arbenina (“Night Snipers”), Brainstorm, “Agatha Christie”, Linda, Andrei Makarevich, Inna Zhelannaya, Sergey Mazaev (“Moral Code”), Alexey Kortnev (“Accident”), Edmund Shklyarsky ("Picnic"), David Brown (Brazzaville) and many others.
    The declared financial goal of the project is 950,000 rubles. Over the first day after the start, more than 50,000 rubles were collected.

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