Preparing Android educational resource from XDA-developers

    A well-known resource on Android XDA Developers began preparing its own tutorial on Android and everything related to this system.

    During the existence of the site and the forum, a lot of materials have accumulated that can be extremely useful for Android developers, many of which are trivial to use Google to search for the necessary information. However, for a well-structured training system, which is especially important for beginners, it would be advisable to have some sort of centralized repository, which should become a new project - XDA-University .

    The project will be a collective work of many people, on which the most relevant information from the bowels of XDA-Developers will be available for free. In addition, a PDF book is being prepared for publication, which can also be downloaded and used offline for free. At the moment, all interested persons are invited to leave their email address on in order to receive timely notification of the start of work.

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