Photo story about the life of one switch

    Here we talked about the arrival, unpacking and installation features of the Black Diamond X8 switch elements.

    After installing and passing a successful multi-stage testing, this switch works for the benefit of the Ukrainian Internet community. We decided to see how he lives.

    These “blank panels” are not just stubs; they have a very important functional role. They are also additional stiffeners, and most importantly - they take part in the redistribution of internal air flows, due to which the connected optical modules are cooled.

    But in appearance everything is quite simple).

    By the way, before, these panels had to be bought separately (the switch is not equipped with them by default, which will be discussed in the video). Now the manufacturer has adjusted its policy and, buying, for example, three line cards, five panels for empty slots are included in the supply for free.

    Everything is still here, the orthogonal principle of connecting line cards and module factories.

    Card included in the switching matrix.

    On the right there is free space for installing backup module factories.

    The same factory connector that issues 320 Gbps performance on one line card.

    The new VIM3 cards, released to support 40GE interfaces on Summit X650 and Summit X480 switches, allow customers to save their earlier investments by upgrading their infrastructure.

    The 40GE interfaces in the optical and copper versions of the QSFP + standard have correspondingly the same performance.

    Blue LEDs symbolize that the port is operating in 40GE mode, it is possible to configure the port's operating mode as 4 * 10GE, then all four will light green.

    Ports to enable traffic exchange participants.

    Perhaps opening this article, your request went directly through one of these ports)

    I would not want to make out a lively, interesting person’s speech or repeat other people's words, so here is an interview with Sergey Polishchuk, who is the ideologist of UA-IX.

    In an interview, he answered many interesting questions: why was this posed? How it showed itself and a lot of technical details. For example, the story that Poland and Bulgaria looked at this experience and also began installing Extreme Networks equipment.

    How exactly did the installation and testing of equipment and many, many technical details .

    If you want to watch HD quality video, you need to press the button imageand select 720, since by default YouTube displays any video in 360.

    Disclaimer: yes, there were technical problems at the access point, but they were resolved, no need to mention this in the comments.

    Here is the whole scheme of the traffic exchange point and the participation of the switch in it.

    Maximum violet per square meter of data center.

    And there are many free slots for installing the long-awaited 100GE interfaces.

    All of this can be controlled from the desktop.

    Thank you Sergey for the opportunity to see the equipment in use.

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