Meteor 0.5.0: Authentication, OAuth, SRP

    The Meteor JavaScript framework for creating single-page, real-time web applications has been creating conflicting feelings since its inception. Powerful PR, 11 million investments , impressive screencast, rave reviews - all this against the background of a very early prototype with direct access to the database and unusual architecture that raises a lot of questions.

    The preview version 0.5.0 finally contains full-fledged authentication and authorization mechanisms - Accounts API and Authentification API, a powerful authentication widget with all the functionality for password access and setup wizards for each supported OAuth provider (today it is Google, Facebook, Twitter , GitHub and Weibo). Meteor includes support for SRP ( Secure Remote Password Protocol)), which implements zero-knowledge proof , allowing the user to authenticate themselves without passing a password.

    According to the Meteor team, version 0.5.0 contains more patches from community members than all other versions combined. It is not surprising, given that the number of subscribers to the Meteor repository on Github has already exceeded five and a half thousand, which is much more than the main competitors - Derby and Socketstream .

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