Seven inches from google

    If Goolge wants to create a gadget from scratch, she can do it - that's understandable. But the fact that the development of Nexus 7 took only four months was a discovery for me! The Internet giant ordered the production of this gadget from ASUS. And according to the developers, the task was incredibly difficult. Specialists in different parts of the world worked around the clock in three shifts. However, what they ultimately did, I would not call a device that was made in a hurry "on the knee." The tablet was surprisingly very thought out.


    In the States, a tablet costs $ 200. And even we have an official price for it of only ten thousand rubles. But at the same time, the Google tablet turned out to be one of the most high-quality and powerful "seven-inch" I met.

    Nexus 7 must compete in the US market with ultra-cheap Kindle and Barns & Noble devices - this lies on the surface. And to reduce the cost of the device, they did not use metal here, although this would make it stronger and more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. Instead of metal, it uses “dotted” textured plastic, which is very pleasant to the touch and somewhat reminiscent of soft-touch, although it is firmer. And even the edging also turned out to be plastic, although it was made “for metal”.


    The front panel is completely covered with Corning protective glass, which supposedly does not scratch. For about three weeks now I carried the tablet in a backpack without a case, and it seems to be safe and sound ... Even the silver coating did not come off the trim, although it has rather sharp corners, which suffer in the first place.


    There are only three buttons on the device - this is the power / lock key, as well as the volume control on the right side. Below there was a place for a micro-USB connector and an audio jack. A microphone is located on top, and a place on the rear panel is allocated for a wide speaker.

    I must say that I did not have any complaints about the assembly. The gadget is assembled from several plastic parts, but they are all carefully adjusted to each other. The design seems monolithic.

    And the seven-inch Nexus fits securely even in one hand. It pulls only 340 grams, so it can be kept on weight for a long time without any problems.


    The seven-inch Nexus 7 display is made using IPS technology. It has no problems with viewing angles, and color reproduction and contrast are at a height. Resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels, which on such a diagonal gives a density of 216 pixels per inch. Not Retina, but personally I don’t see individual pixels :)


    In addition to the screen, the tablet also turned out to be advanced in iron. It is built on the basis of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset. This includes a quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, a gigabyte of RAM and ULP GeForce graphics. The main memory in the tablet can be from eight to sixteen gigabytes, depending on version.


    In the Quadrant Standart test, such a configuration gains about 3300 points, which puts the Google gadget next to the original ASUS development - Transformer Prime. And he, I would say, is considered to be the most productive among Android tablets.


    Nexus 7 has only one camera, and its resolution is 1.2 megapixels. It is located on the front of the device, and it turns out that it can only be used for video calls. However, in Skype and Google video chat, the 720p picture is pretty good.


    Wireless communication is represented by Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth, as well as the growing popularity of NFC. 3G, unfortunately not, and vague rumors that such a modification will appear shortly have still not been confirmed to me. Otherwise, such a tablet would be generally ideal among the seven-inch models.


    The gadget works on Google Android 4.1. He is Jelly Bean. Here, improved power consumption, and a redesigned notification system.

    Tablet version 4.1 can even rotate the contents of desktops.


    All built-in widgets can be stretched and compressed as required by the user.


    The keyboard finally got a separate button for changing the language. This is much more convenient than holding a space for a long time and choosing a layout from the list.


    You don’t need to use the keyboard at all, but dictate the text out loud.


    Moreover, the system understands Russian, and can even record it without an Internet connection - for this you will need to download a language pack of 15 megabytes.


    And for dessert, Google offers a digital assistant. He can be given voice commands, but even without them he will palm off on the user up-to-date information based on data obtained from his search and movement history. And I must say that this assistant is studying, and gradually begins to scare me. I was just looking for the exact address of the Floor on Tverskaya Street on a laptop. Naturally, through Chrome, and, of course, with the synchronization of several devices through my account. So when I then picked up the tablet, Android in the notification panel showed me the route to Tverskaya 14 and the estimated time, taking into account traffic jams! 0_o



    The tablet is equipped with a 4325 mAh battery. This allows him to work without recharging for about 9 hours in the mode of viewing HD-video, 10 hours in the reading mode or web browsing, as well as, according to Google, more than 12 days in idle mode. The lack of a 3G module in the device partly contributes to these results, but given the powerful stuffing, the result is still bearable.


    Google, by selling the Nexus 7, is obviously not making excess profits. But then users can buy a powerful device for sane money. Only the Internet giant will not be left behind, believe me ... In return, he gets something more expensive than money - your loyalty;)



    OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
    Processor: NVIDIA Tegra 3, 1.5 GHz
    Video: GeForce ULP
    RAM: 1 GB
    Main memory: 8-16 GB, no microSD slot
    Screen: 7 ", TFT IPS, 800 x 1280
    Communications: Wi- Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth, NFC, USB 2.0
    Ports: USB (USB Host), 3.5 mm audio jack
    Camera: 1.2 MP for video calls
    Navigation: GPS, GPS GPS
    : 4325 mAh
    Dimensions: 198, 5 x 120 x 10.5 mm
    Weight: 340 grams
    Price: 9990 for 16 GB

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