Google personalized search results will display personal user documents

    The Google search service is trying to change the personal results of the user to make the search even more convenient. The developers of the search engine said that now in the personal search results of a user who is looking for information on a specific request, personal documents will also appear, including letters from Gmail and files from Google Drive.

    For your convenience, personal documents will appear on the right side (probably under the AdWords contextual banner). Of course, only those documents that are relevant to the user submitted request will be shown.

    It is worth noting that attempts to integrate general and personal search have been conducted by the corporation for a long time. According to the developers, the addition of documents from Google Drive is the result of numerous requests from users who liked the function of searching for Gmail messages. Currently, only users who work with the English-language search engine interface can receive a new personalized search. Inclusion is made on this page .

    It may well be that in the case of positive feedback from users about the new feature, it will be expanded and transferred to all interfaces of the search service, and not just to English.


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