We start service of an assessment of employers on "My circle"

    Half a year ago, we launched a salary service on “My Circle” , with the help of which everyone can find out how much they earn in a particular IT field. And today we are pleased to present a new service for evaluating companies , with the help of which everyone can find out what their employees think about the company as an employer.

    We believe that the new service will help employers discover their strengths and weaknesses and work more consciously to improve the HR brand, as well as make the IT labor market even more structured and transparent and help employers and job seekers find each other better.

    Ratings can leave any registered user who has experience in the relevant company. “My Circle” guarantees complete anonymity of ratings: they can only be shown in an impersonal or aggregated form with other assessments. In the first part of our announcement, we will describe how the new service is arranged and how the estimates are considered.

    Before launching the ratings service, we tested it on a narrow circle of more than 50 companies that received ratings from their employees. We thank everyone who responded to our call to test a new service and gave valuable advice on how to improve it! In the second part of our announcement, we will show the companies that participated in the test and received the highest marks.

    So on the "My Circle" looks like the evaluation page of the company "Yandex".

    How to view a company valuation and give your assessment

    On the main page of each company appeared a block "Assessment of the company by employees." In this block, the average rating of the company, the average recommendation, and the number of collected ratings and comments are displayed in a short form. To see the assessment in all details, you need to click on the button "Assessment in detail . "

    To give an assessment of the company in which you work or have worked, you need to go to its main page and, in the assessment section, click on the “Post Your Rating” button .

    How is the assessment

    The company can be assessed by 12 criteria: for each, put a rating from 1 - I completely disagree, to 5 - I fully agree. Based on the obtained individual estimates for each criterion, its average score is calculated (as a weighted average ). And further, according to all criteria, the average rating of the company as a whole is calculated (as the arithmetic average of the average estimates for all criteria).

    Also, you can indicate how likely you will recommend the company as an employer to your friends: I will not recommend you exactly give a rating from 0, I will definitely recommend up to 10. Based on the aggregate of all individual responses, the average recommendation of the company as an employer is calculated (as a weighted average) and the employee loyalty index of eNPS(employee Net Promotion Score).

    The estimates obtained by the company are displayed on the main page of its profile in short form and on a separate page of company ratings - in expanded form.

    Individual estimates of the company are displayed in a separate list in an anonymized form: each shows how much a particular employee agrees with each of the 12 criteria, how likely he will recommend the company as an employer to his acquaintances, the date of the assessment is shown, whether it is the current employee or the past.

    If an employee wishes to say this, his specialization, experience in the company and the city of the division are shown additionally.

    If desired, on the evaluation form, you can tell in free form about the advantages and disadvantages of the company.: then this information is also added to the employee's rating on the list of individual assessments.

    The list of ratings can be viewed by the date of grading, by the presence of comments on the advantages and disadvantages, as well as by utility (the more “thanks” the rating collects, the more useful it is considered).

    12 criteria by which the company is evaluated

    We tried to collect all of the most important IT criteria for the criteria by which employees evaluate companies when they make a decision about employment, and without making the list too long. When selecting criteria, our past research helped us, here is one of them: “ Can IT specialists change jobs without increasing pay ?”

    On the evaluation form, the employee receives questions in the following form and, choosing 1 to 5, shows how much he agrees with each of the statements:

    1. Interesting tasks . The company solve interesting problems.
    2. Modern technology . The company uses modern technology.
    3. Adequate salary . Salaries in the company correspond to the professional level of employees and the complexity of their tasks.
    4. Social package . The company provides a good social package and non-financial bonuses
    5. Comfortable working conditions . The company provides comfortable working conditions (office, work schedule, workplace, places for recreation)
    6. Professional growth . The company has the opportunity to learn and grow professionally at work.
    7. Career growth . The company has the opportunity to grow career or move between different projects
    8. Relationship with colleagues . The company has a comfortable working atmosphere in teams.
    9. Recognition of the results of labor . In the company, the work done is always recognized by management.
    10. Management Literacy . The company has a competent project and product management
    11. Communication with top management . The company has established communication between senior management and employees.
    12. The company makes the world better . The company's products and services really help people and make the world a better place.

    A list of all companies that have a rating on the service can be viewed on the search page by company, using the filter "Companies with rating".

    Rules for collecting and withdrawing ratings

    • Ratings can leave any registered user who has experience in the relevant company.
    • The estimates received by the company are opened to all users and guests of the service when at least 10 employees will appreciate the company, and until this point they are not visible to anyone.
    • Any user can complain about any assessment by clicking on the appropriate button and sending a complaint to the administration of the service.
    • Company curators cannot delete ratings, but can leave official answers to them. Curators can also turn off the collection and demonstration of ratings: then no one, including them, sees the company’s ratings.

    We invite you to go to "My Circle" and leave the assessment of the company in which you are currently working. Let's collect estimates for all of our companies and create a common map of employers in IT!

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