Rovio and CERN will teach children nuclear physics with Angry Birds

    The creators of Angry Birds from Rovio and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, are jointly developing a “fun learning experience” whose goal is to bring children to science. The collaboration is part of Rovio's new initiative to use the popularity of the Angry Birds brand for educational purposes. The Finnish company will launch a new training program under the Angry Birds Playground brand, aimed at children from 3 to 8 years old, in Finnish kindergartens (in Finland there are eponymous children's parks).

    Rovio told TechCrunch that the collaboration will consist in the production of training materials along with CERN - first books and board games, then other products.

    “Modern physics has existed for about 100 years, but it still remains a mystery to many people. Working with Rovio, we can teach children quantum physics - fun and easy, ”said Rolf Landua, head of CERN training at a book exhibition in Frankfurt.

    “It's great for both sides, a fun mix of physics and Angry Birds. Rovio has a great platform with wide reach and high involvement, which makes this collaboration very promising, ”he added.

    “With the help of the Playground, children can have fun and learn more about physics than in the old teaching methods,” is Peter Westerbacka, marketing director at Rovio.

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