“Arguments for Mars” - a music video from the Symphony of Science series

Original author: Robert Zubrin, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox and Penelope Boston
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The video presented below is the sixth in the series of music videos “Symphony of Science” , which aims to popularize promising scientific research.

It is dedicated to the Martian community of Robert Zubrin , an American engineer, an enthusiast in the exploration of Mars, who devoted his life to making a manned flight to Mars a reality. In this video, Robert Zubri and his colleagues argue why a manned flight to Mars is necessary, and why now.

The translation under the cut

[Robert Zubrin] Mars is the next logical step in our space program. The challenge has been in our eyes for the past 30 years. There is water, carbon, a 24-hour day, geothermal energy. Mars is a place where we can settle.
[Karl Sagan] There is a giant crack on its surface, a length of 5,000 kilometers. There is a volcano as great as Arizona.
[Zubrin] So there is only one choice in life - either growth or decay. Grow or die. I think we should grow.
[Sagan] Mars is a world of wonders.
[Brown Cox] It has canyons, valleys, rivers, and giant ice sheets.
[Sagan] Mars is a world of wonders.
[Zubrin] People should not go to Mars in 50 years, people should go to Mars in 10 years. We will either gather courage to walk, or we risk drowning in stagnation and decay.
Cosmic radiation, low gravity, storms of Martian dust are waiting for us, infection with extraterrestrial microorganisms is possible. But these are the dragons that we can take upon ourselves.
[Sagan] Already in our time, we are sifting the sands of Mars, will establish our presence here, and fulfill the dream of the century.
[Coke] Mars rovers really captured our imagination. But they are really outdated as researchers.
[Zubrin] If you build volunteers for the first crew on Mars, they would stretch from coast to coast (chorus)
[Cox] Mars is a dry and frozen version of our house, covered in red dust and sand
[Penelope Boston] At one time, in the distant past, Mars was very similar in its conditions to the early Earth.
[Zubrin] There will always be people with new ideas, how people should live together.
[Coke] Now we have “eyes” and “ears” on the surface.
[Zubrin] What is left with you after you go is better than what you left behind.
When you leave, the good that you yourself left will remain. You must believe in hope, you must believe in the future. And more and more people come to the point of view that a positive future for humanity requires human expansion into space.
(chorus) We are at a crossroads today, we either get the courage to go, or we risk drowning in stagnation and decay.

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