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    Some time ago, I made one very convenient thing for Gmail. Briefly, this google script allows you to create shortcuts (folders) in your mailbox, putting the letter in which it will lie until the required time has passed, and then it will again be moved to inbox and will not be read. I have not had such a thing for a long time, because letters often come in to which you need to respond, but at the moment there is no way to respond to them. There are more ancient options in the gallery of scripts, Gmail Snooze for example, but they allow you to work only with daily intervals and are arranged in such a way that the letter added at 23:00, at 01:00 will again be in the inbox. Therefore, I first modified, and then completely rewrote. In my implementation, letters live a better life.


    The trial period lasted two weeks. This is only the latest stable version, before that there were other implementations, tried to use Cache instead of ScriptDB, but it lost keys too often. There were no problems with this version, a couple of times, it was that the script was hanging, but I forgot about this, because I failed to repeat the error.

    Regarding the volume of data. Each google user is allocated 50mb under ScriptDB, but maybe more if you have a paid account. In order to rest on the size of the data, you will need to try very hard, so I’m not going to solve it before the first problem. Tested a maximum of 20 active letters, all went through a full cycle without errors. Probably, if there are more letters, then a timeout is possible. If you encounter a problem, write, I will correct it.

    I was too lazy to write instructions and comments, so they are not very detailed, but I tried to paint everything as accessible as possible, in the style go here - click here.

    I will be glad to answer questions.
    I would be very happy if translation into other languages ​​appears.–M–Later

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