TeamLab - reboot

    The new season has begun, almost everyone has returned from vacation and got involved in work. It's time to tell what updates await TeamLab in the version for SaaS 7.0, which is already available in beta mode . We call the new version a reboot not just for the sake of a red word, but because we implemented significant changes in the interface, making it more unified for all modules, added new tools, and also optimized and supplemented a number of existing functionality. Now in order.

    New interface

    • The interface has become the same for all modules: the navigation bar on the left side and the content on the right.
    • Navigation inside the modules has become more transparent, including elements of the second level. The top-level navigation of the module, implemented in the left pane in the form of a folder tree, allows you to quickly navigate through the main working blocks.
    • Elements that turned out to be not very popular by users were deleted, among those who fell under the “reduction” - a separate page with a description of projects, the history of projects, extra tabs in the description of tasks in the Projects , as well as in the CRM contact card.
    • The design has become "rubber", i.e. automatically adapted to any width of the browser window and for monitors of any size.
    • There was a common button for adding content “Create” for all modules

    Single workspace

    • In version 7.0 , work with SkyDrive also joins the ability to add Google Drive, Dropbox and Box accounts .
    • Added the ability to configure access rights for files from added resources.
    • The integration of Projects and CRM was carried out : now you can attach a specific project to a CRM contact or create a new one for it.
    • Integrated Projects and Documents : now you can edit files without leaving the "Projects" section.

    Functional update and optimization

    • A full-featured spreadsheet editor is added to the new HTML5 text editor . We will definitely tell about him in the following posts.
    • Implemented the ability to add multiple tasks in Projects at the same time.
    • It became possible to download several documents at once (in "batch mode") of different formats thanks to the built-in file converter.
    • A feed appeared as a single center for notifications of what is happening on the portal.
    • At the request of users, the ability for members of one team to enter different groups has been added.

    By tradition, and a little about the plans: already in a stable version, online editing of TeamLab documents will allow for joint editing and the possibility of commenting.

    In the meantime, we are waiting for your feedback and comments on version 7.0 beta. You can test it by switching your portal in the " Settings " - " General " - " Portal Version " section .

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